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Ramgha School Construction Project

Location: Duipiple, Ramgha Lamjung, Nepal
Duration: 12 months

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Project Summary

The primary propose of this project is to construct school building to help in education in rural part of Nepal. Ramgha school construction project site is located on the bank of beautiful Madi River among the three remote districts which are lamjung, Tanahu and Kaski. It means the project directly benefits the students from three different districts.

The majority of population is covered by the indigenous, ethnic and so called lower caste people such as Bote, Badi, Majhi, Kumal, Damai, Kami, Gurung, Magar, Newar, Tamang, kshetri, Brahmin and so on who are mostly out of reach of main stream services and support. They can not afford to send their children to the city for their higher education. So they either don’t go to school or drop out school education in the mid. This project will help to increase regularities in school and cut down the number of drop out students.

People’s active participation and keen concerns in this project is another important asset. They are ready to support the project whatever best possible way either by labor donation or by providing local resources. They have already contributed financial and labor donations to build up the school foundations. Now rest of works is underway to completion. Government agencies, people’s representatives and the whole communities are committed for its sustainable development. The project is going to get forty percent of cash donation in total of estimated budget including plenty of other kind donations from the people in local level. To sum up the project, it is a sense of pride of village people to offer their children a life long gift of education.

Objectives: The main objective of this project is to construct of school building to provide education opportunity to those who are out of school or non-schooling due to poverty, lack of school infrastructure, geographical complicity, socio-cultural factors, disability, good school environment and so on.

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