• To construct school building, set up computer labs, library and provide scholarship (Education for all).
  • To improve income-generating opportunities and alleviate poverty through skill development training and Micro-finance in agriculture, poultry farming, husbandry, fish ponds and so on.
  • To support and conduct research project, education and safety methods in the areas of climate change and global warming to protect people from natural disaster.
  • To preserve indigenous, traditional and underprivileged people and their unique culture, traditional values and knowledge to transform as the ancestral legacy with a sense of cultural pride.
  • To develop the socio-economic status of people and address the social needs through comprehensive schemes.
  • To support in education, health, food, clothes and shelters of the street kids, orphans and children affected from conflict.
  • To support and conduct health campaign for drugs addicts, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis “B”, Malaria and other communicable disease.
  • To support building schools, library and provide scholarship, education materials and so on.
  • To work and conduct informational activities to increase public awareness in social discrimination, gender inequality, child labor, sexual exploitation and injustice.
  • To support and work to the direction of conflict management, rule of law, democracy and human right advocacy.
  • To involve and participate in national and international level of workshops, meetings, training and conferences to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

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